We offer a variety of personal training and nutrition counseling services, customized to fit your needs and fitness goals!!




Having a personal trainer is no longer just for stars and athletes. There is not a single person who couldn't benefit from working with a trainer. Personal training is truly an investment in your health and well-being that will provide you with the tools to lead a healthier, longer life.



Let's face it, there's an astounding number of "diets" out there that leave a lot to be desired both in terms of nutritional value and longevity of results. Learning about and practicing lifetime, good nutrition will not only trim your waistline, but will also help improve health conditions such as fatigue and mood swings. Nutritional counseling works to find the root cause of health concerns, as opposed to just addressing the symptoms. Once the root has been identified, you will feel better, have increased energy, maintain weight control, and toss those fad diets right out the window!

           WEIGHT LOSS


Being overweight increases your risk of a whole host of health conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. But, losing weight can seem like a daunting task, particularly if you are trying to do it on your own. We would love the opprtunity to help you realize your weight loss goals! The best way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you expend and get regular exercise. The goal is to achieve slow, steady weight loss. Losing even a small amount of weight can lower your risk of health problems.

           MUSCLE TONE


Muscle toning is a form of resistance exercise where the target muscle or muscle group is extended through its full range of motion. Incorporating muscle toning exercises into your workout program will help to improve not only the strength of your muscles, but will also increase your amount of lean muscle mass and help to improve endurance. Regular use of muscle toning exercises will help you achieve a firm and well-sculpted physique.

           CORE STRENGTH


Although having a beach-worthy body may be a good motivator to work on core strength, it isn’t the only reason to get your mid-section into shape. A strong core isn't just about having defined abdominal muscles, it’s your body’s powerhouse. Your core helps to facilitate body movement and houses your inner organs and central nervous system. In other words, it helps you do just about everything.



Do you slouch while sitting or standing? Have you recently underwent surgery or experience an injury? Any of these scenarios can wreak havic on the muscles that support your body frame. Having your body in the correct position while sitting or standing allows for pressure on the spine, and its supporting muscles and ligaments, to be evenly distributed. This will reduce the amount of stress put on the body that can lead to headaches, neck pain, and back pain. We can provide you with exercises specifically designed to stregthen those supporting muscles. 



Cardiovascular fitness, otherwise known as aerobic exercise, is an important part of any physical fitness program. Cardio increases the amount of oxygen rich blood that is pumped to your muscles and also aids muscles to use that oxygen in the most efficient manner. Maintaining cardiovascular fitness can help to lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL), increase stamina, and aid in weight loss.



Competitive fitness can come in many forms. While everyone may not be interested in competing at the highest level, it is important to find some level of competition for everyone. If your goal is to lose weight, set a goal to lose 1 pound each week for the next 3 weeks; Voila!! You're in a fitness competition with yourself. Any level of competition can be healthy, working to fill your training program with purpose and structure.


For those of who are avid fitness gurus, you may opt to choose a higher level of competition. The growing sport of competitive fitness requires people to follow a rigorous training regime, which we will cutomize for you based on your competitive fitness goals. You will be getting your body into the best shape possible and preparing for competition!